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Lain's OS based screensaver, using 3d! integrating a community!!!

After playing for months with an 3d acceleration engine, i'm ready to start programing my lain based software i was talking about some months ago, here's the history:

BACKGROUND (Might be hard to understand to some people)

I decided i wanted to create a Graphic user interface that allowed you to navigate through copland os like interface in the computer. However, due to vista's new GUI, i decided to wait, and due to recent linux XGL implementation of 3d acceleration, i decided i would wait until those 2 Operative system's would get more fan base before attempting to create some kind of lain based scheme for them.

Continue Reading:

So, i'm programming a 3d game with some friends ( unfortunately, because of my work, school and other project's my buddies and me are working on,  we have not been able to advance a lot.

However i decided that i wanted to increase my 3d programming experience, due to this, i'm going to create a screensaver, using 3d hardware acceleration (It means it will be nice and colorful people)


  • The screensaver will not be lain images with effects.
  • It will try to emulate copland O.S
  • It will be like a automatic demo, of an user's perception of the wired and computer world
  • It wont only be a screen about copland os, it will actually try to simulate that there's a virtual user using the navi             
Wish list:

In the configuration dialog, you insert your name, then when the screensaver runs, it automatically welcomes the user using the same way it welcomes lain in the anime.

After some time, the virtual user will load an application that will look like lain's Playstation game

I'm thinking about the possibility of this application to be the automatic media loader of the screensaver.

  • The virtual user will navigate  through the zone's of the wired, in the same way it was in the game.

What content will it be displayed:
  •  I'm really aiming for those messages that were shown in the anime.
  • Maybe images that would suit the lain universe.
  • Small chat's with users refering to the wired or the lain universe (Now this is the good part)
I'm thinking of this like the new way of each person around the world that is a lain fan to communicate with other's desktops, this mean, most of this chats would be YOU! Talking about the lain universe being actually thrown inside the screensaver!

Of course the virtual copland os will take information about your computer, such as brand, speed, memory etcetera, this way it will be displayed on the screen making more depth.

Of course i do receive suggestions, and i actually encourage you to send them to me.

I do not know if anyone is excited about this, because i really are!

I will continually release upgrades about this screensaver, because i want to start this weekend and constantly upgrade new things to this.

Perhaps i'm going to create a wiki for this screensaver.

Please if you want to contact me use msn: ubaldon10 @

I hope there is someone out there interested.

Oh, and i'm still looking for a name for this project.

Stay Connected.........
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Very very interesting. I'm currently taking a 3D course (modeling mostly, I hope to get int vidyea games 8D har)
So, yea, I'm rather interested in this. How are you planning to make this all?
I'd definitely love to see this progress.
Well, i plan on starting this weekend on the programming thing using the OGRE3d engine (Neat thing check it)

I plan on releasing small builds every major change is applied to the application. I would love to release feedback so i'm thinking about starting to create a page where i can easily allow people to check the progress of the app with screenshots, (so far the first particle is done!) it resembles the rotating rings of each level of the wired in the game! One of my goals is to keep this application light so it won't consume a lot of cpu, that's why i'm trying to do not use advance effects, however with all the things that ogre3d allows us to do, it won't be easy ! XD

We should get on contact, if you create any model that might fit into this or my other game project do not hesitate to contact me please! My msn is always open to everyone
Amazing Idea.. I always hoped someone would make an OS spoof off SEL, this is close enough =P
thx, i was starting to get scared since not a lot of people were replying, maybe after the first screenshots and videos of it running they will, since i've been sharping up the ideas :)
Lol this plsu upcomign game smight eb enough to get me to buy vista lol and add it to may make system a dual boot.
this won't take much to get released, my game for other part, will take far more than 2 years, and after that happens chances are that we will be porting it to linux and mac.

I encourage! lain has always been my favourite anime- and i always wished to be able to experience her navi. =) I'll be waiting to hear about your progress, keep up the great work and ideas!!

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August 10 2009, 00:41:43 UTC 7 years ago

As far as I'm aware, the project went defunct. It was probably simply too much of a task for a relatively small group of programmers to be able to get through.
i love the idea of this, i hope it gets off the ground! good luck with work and whatnot, busy busy.


March 14 2010, 05:53:59 UTC 7 years ago

PLEASE tell me you're still working on this...



March 3 2011, 21:23:44 UTC 6 years ago

Is this still going on?

BTW, What ever happened to Lain:OS???? I did a lot of research and the last thing ever dated from the project was in 2005! Is their any hope for it?