tristeza_optica (tristeza_optica) wrote in hello_navi,

It's coming :)

It's coming :)

Just a small screenshot

Here's a small preview of the upcoming lain screensaver i'm creating, the tentative name for it is: Naviemu
As you can see above the image is the icon of the application, do you like it?

Let me explain the screenshot, the main copland os image is what you see on the background, that's because you are on the center of a cube, facing each side of it you will see the image, there's a small ball with the copland os logo, anyone remembers the balls that flew through the screen? this is the tentative login screen, of course it's not near finished, but i will work hard this week and try to show you more next week

Oh, and it's already on 3d, using the ogre engine as i said, the current FPS are the debug version, once it's released, expect it to be at least constantly 60 in your computer

Anyone excited?

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