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NaviEmu update: Recreating what's already created.

One of the first goals i have in this project, is taking the feeling of the images in the wired, and re-create them in a 3d enviroment.

Basically with Ogre3d, (The framework i'm using) what i do is use planes, and i use them for displaying the programmed textures *materials as they are called in the Ogre framework, with these, we can give the user the feeling of *movement* inside the planes.

Right now i'm in this process, creating scenes, experimenting with them and wondering if they are working or not.

Here's an example:

Basically, we grab the image, in this case the dvd.

We use it on the plane inside the NaviEmu world: In this case a Tv effect, and also, these blue lines movement.

.... NaviEmu-Manager is being developed using Adobe Air *works natively on different O.S. without modification.

Also, i've been able to create somehow the effect of the shadows within the real world of the anime, using the Ogre particles, they still are far from perfection, but i managed to capture a clip of it *Ogre particle editor is a big help!

I'll upload it as soon as i'm happy with the results.
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