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Serial Experiments Lain

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Lain Artbook for Sale! [23 Apr 2011|03:03pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Selling my Serial Experiments: LAIN artbook HERE!
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Icons Post! [08 Mar 2011|01:36am]

15 Batman
33 Bugs
15 Serial Experiments Lain
21 Pokemon
24 Yu-Gi-Oh GX


here @ mycobacterial
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Lain icons x 2 [23 Jul 2010|07:56pm]

Credit if taken.

1-4: Gunnm
5-8: Blame!
9-11: Jisatsu Circle
12-13: Serial Experiments Lain

and you should be killed by an army of little girlsCollapse )
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NaviEmu update: Recreating what's already created. [30 Sep 2009|12:40am]

[ mood | energetic ]

One of the first goals i have in this project, is taking the feeling of the images in the wired, and re-create them in a 3d enviroment.

Basically with Ogre3d, (The framework i'm using) what i do is use planes, and i use them for displaying the programmed textures *materials as they are called in the Ogre framework, with these, we can give the user the feeling of *movement* inside the planes.

Right now i'm in this process, creating scenes, experimenting with them and wondering if they are working or not.

Here's an example:

More, 2 images.. and a little tease.Collapse )
Also, i've been able to create somehow the effect of the shadows within the real world of the anime, using the Ogre particles, they still are far from perfection, but i managed to capture a clip of it *Ogre particle editor is a big help!

I'll upload it as soon as i'm happy with the results.
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Navi-Emu update [22 Sep 2009|06:11pm]


*Who do I have to credit for this wonderful image?

Navi-emu was on hold for some time as you noticed.. I needed to finish school, work a little, and learn new things before I could settle some ideas on it.

Who would have guessed so many things happened in these 2 years, both in the web but also in my life, and this community.... wake up people, we got work to do! keep the wired alive!.

Anyway, here's what you want to hear from me: The project is alive again, the resources i was using are still there, and in the next few weeks i'll start dropping in this community some sample media, either to be incorporated in the project, or just to keep your candles on fire. Because a lot of people asked me over the years and course of time how could they help, i'll get a list for you!

Also, i got myself a little help from an extraordinary art/design female, she'll be sure to make everything funny, pretty and dynamic again.

This is my new account.... Everyone is more than welcome to join me there, but most in there is personal photography/words stuff, i'll keep the navi-emu stuff in here.

You have no idea how hard it has been to put aside this project in my life because i didn't have the time to keep working on it.

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sale [18 Mar 2009|12:47am]

Selling the Serial Experiments Lain DVD boxset here if you are interested!
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[19 Jul 2008|05:59pm]

 Three Lain icons!


Feel free to friend me, and credit if you use! :)
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All Tomorrow's Neuromancers [17 Jul 2008|09:19pm]

All Tomorrow's Neuromancers (Intro Sequence)

The intro bit for a possible future web series I'm working on.

project site

my site
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[17 Mar 2008|12:18am]

Lain poster 4 sale!!
Click the photo for the EBAY auction!

Poster is 15"x21" and in great condition. All four corners have small holes from Pins as they were up on my wall. Poster is laminated. Will be safely shipped
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Navi-Emu, First release is gonna be soon, i promise [21 Feb 2007|12:18am]

*Fixed... screenshots, re-uploaded to another location..

3 More screenshots, maybe this will make people interested, i'm actually losing the faith in the community :(

Please, your comments are really important to me.
3 screenshotsCollapse )
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Navi-Emu update [11 Feb 2007|11:23am]

I wish you could see it moving, by the way i'm starting to work in the webpage of the project, suprises coming soon.

click for screenshotCollapse )
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My Alpha Build of my site [08 Feb 2007|12:38am]

Well all after much trials and tribulation, and brains train here the alpha version of my site. Still need to change the other pages over but the menu ect are online. Tell me what you guys and gals think.


As for the other page they'll have the The Copland/Navi symbol locked in place so it'll look like your looking at a modified Copland OS when view the page. Also I made a custom Navi login screen a long time back My Lain Login that at some point in the future I'll edit so it'll be the site "login" and people will be able to ether their own name/Handel that will show up as a greetings on the main page but need to find the code for that.
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Looking for a large Navi/copland image with no text [07 Feb 2007|03:52pm]

Anyone seen a large Navi/copland OS symbol image around? tristeza_optica gave me a link to his/her's but really looking for one without text at the bottom. Was try to use the one tristeza_optica had but the text messes u the the bottom to much for me to rebuild that area. And all the ones I've ever found always has the text. In case some one might be wondering what symbol I talking about its this one

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It's coming :) [04 Feb 2007|03:07pm]

It's coming :)

Just a small screenshot

Here's a small preview of the upcoming lain screensaver i'm creating, the tentative name for it is: Naviemu
As you can see above the image is the icon of the application, do you like it?

Let me explain the screenshot, the main copland os image is what you see on the background, that's because you are on the center of a cube, facing each side of it you will see the image, there's a small ball with the copland os logo, anyone remembers the balls that flew through the screen? this is the tentative login screen, of course it's not near finished, but i will work hard this week and try to show you more next week

Oh, and it's already on 3d, using the ogre engine as i said, the current FPS are the debug version, once it's released, expect it to be at least constantly 60 in your computer

Anyone excited?

ScreenshotCollapse )
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To concerning my site. [03 Feb 2007|02:17pm]

Just wanted to let you all know that if your visit my lain site Lain: Deeply Wired (in case you didn't already know about it) and find something wrong/missing post here or on my live journal. I'll fix it or find a way to get the files to you. Going to do a rebuild of it in a few days but till then I'll do my best to fix what problems there are.
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Lain's OS based screensaver, using 3d! integrating a community!!! [30 Jan 2007|03:52pm]

After playing for months with an 3d acceleration engine, i'm ready to start programing my lain based software i was talking about some months ago, here's the history:

BACKGROUND (Might be hard to understand to some people)

I decided i wanted to create a Graphic user interface that allowed you to navigate through copland os like interface in the computer. However, due to vista's new GUI, i decided to wait, and due to recent linux XGL implementation of 3d acceleration, i decided i would wait until those 2 Operative system's would get more fan base before attempting to create some kind of lain based scheme for them.

Continue Reading:

So, i'm programming a 3d game with some friends (http://m3dc.mindict.org) unfortunately, because of my work, school and other project's my buddies and me are working on,  we have not been able to advance a lot.

However i decided that i wanted to increase my 3d programming experience, due to this, i'm going to create a screensaver, using 3d hardware acceleration (It means it will be nice and colorful people)


  • The screensaver will not be lain images with effects.
  • It will try to emulate copland O.S
  • It will be like a automatic demo, of an user's perception of the wired and computer world
  • It wont only be a screen about copland os, it will actually try to simulate that there's a virtual user using the navi             
Wish list:

In the configuration dialog, you insert your name, then when the screensaver runs, it automatically welcomes the user using the same way it welcomes lain in the anime.

After some time, the virtual user will load an application that will look like lain's Playstation game

I'm thinking about the possibility of this application to be the automatic media loader of the screensaver.

  • The virtual user will navigate  through the zone's of the wired, in the same way it was in the game.

What content will it be displayed:
  •  I'm really aiming for those messages that were shown in the anime.
  • Maybe images that would suit the lain universe.
  • Small chat's with users refering to the wired or the lain universe (Now this is the good part)
I'm thinking of this like the new way of each person around the world that is a lain fan to communicate with other's desktops, this mean, most of this chats would be YOU! Talking about the lain universe being actually thrown inside the screensaver!

Of course the virtual copland os will take information about your computer, such as brand, speed, memory etcetera, this way it will be displayed on the screen making more depth.

Of course i do receive suggestions, and i actually encourage you to send them to me.

I do not know if anyone is excited about this, because i really are!

I will continually release upgrades about this screensaver, because i want to start this weekend and constantly upgrade new things to this.

Perhaps i'm going to create a wiki for this screensaver.

Please if you want to contact me use msn: ubaldon10 @ hotmail.com

I hope there is someone out there interested.

Oh, and i'm still looking for a name for this project.

Stay Connected.........
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Lain [20 Jan 2007|05:40am]


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BÔA - Duvet (The Original Clip) [08 Dec 2006|07:11pm]



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[01 Dec 2006|04:40pm]

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[07 Nov 2006|11:54pm]

Sorry to of made so many posts recently, and I made of posted this once before, but does anyone know where to find a font of SELain? I will be willing to make my own all from crops of famous writings of "Serial Experiments Lain", but i dont know hwo to make any other letters. 0.o

I'd be very grateful =)
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