Chocomochino (Hey you with the pretty face..) (chocomochino) wrote in hello_navi,
Chocomochino (Hey you with the pretty face..)

Navi-Emu update

*Who do I have to credit for this wonderful image?

Navi-emu was on hold for some time as you noticed.. I needed to finish school, work a little, and learn new things before I could settle some ideas on it.

Who would have guessed so many things happened in these 2 years, both in the web but also in my life, and this community.... wake up people, we got work to do! keep the wired alive!.

Anyway, here's what you want to hear from me: The project is alive again, the resources i was using are still there, and in the next few weeks i'll start dropping in this community some sample media, either to be incorporated in the project, or just to keep your candles on fire. Because a lot of people asked me over the years and course of time how could they help, i'll get a list for you!

Also, i got myself a little help from an extraordinary art/design female, she'll be sure to make everything funny, pretty and dynamic again.

This is my new account.... Everyone is more than welcome to join me there, but most in there is personal photography/words stuff, i'll keep the navi-emu stuff in here.

You have no idea how hard it has been to put aside this project in my life because i didn't have the time to keep working on it.

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